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How to configure the delay in FPGA

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I Had the pantech FPGA (xc3s200)kit.i have doubt in the delay you calculate the delay as please explain the calculation method.

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Hello Karthikeyan,
welcome to pantech Solutions forum. Your question arise from the How to Article section below.

Interfacing leds with spartan-6 FPGA
Spartan-6 FPGA Development Kit

The Spartan-6 FPGA Board fed with 50MHz crystal oscillator to provide clock input to FPGA.
50MHz clock generate a delay of 20 nano sec. To ON/OFF LED after every 1 sec, the following formula should be applied.

20 ns = FPGA Clock
1 sec = Output Delay

20 ns = 1 sec / 50MHz
20 x 10^-9 = 1 sec / 50 x 10^6

20 x 10^-9 x 50 x 10^6 = 1 sec

FPGA Clock x 50 x 10^6 = Output delay

From the above equation, To generate 1 sec delay we need to multiply the FPGA clock with 50000000 using counter. when counter reach 50000000 delay led value get toggeled.


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I want spatran 3E FPGA materiel with images.please sent for my project
thank you.........

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You could download materials from tutorials and source code section from the below link

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Hi Venkat,
What kind of material you are looking for? If you already purchased Spartan-3e FPGA Board you can download related documents in the Tutorial and How to articles page of FPGA board.