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Smart Shopping Cart

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Smart Shopping Cart

This project is to determine the existing problems in purchasing procedures in supermarkets and to introduce a solution to this problem.Smart Cart is designed to aid consumers in managing prices and time more effectively.The main aim of the project is to propose a new approach to purchasing procedures and customer service.The main part of Arduino is microcontroller itself, which works as a computer that can receive and send data

No registration is needed into the system.Customers will be free to use any of the provided smart carts. To include the products to the cart, it is required to swipe RFID tags of those particular products over the reader provided. RFID tags are to be provided for every product registered in the system of the market and attached to each product item. The RFID reader is located on the front edge of the shopping cart this being the most convenient design solution .The display with the total bill shown is in the same position since all of the devices used are connected together in the same module. With products being registered, the name of the product chosen along with its price and the total bill are displayed as the green LED is turned ON. The database with information on the products is inserted into the Arduino itself.. Also, the red LED turns on each time when the card is brought to the module and product is deleted.

Hardware Tools:

  • Arduino Uno
  • LCD
  • RFID tag

Software Tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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