Smart ECG Monitoring Using Arduino & Bluetooth Module

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Smart ECG Monitoring Using Arduino & Bluetooth Module

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Smart ECG Monitoring Using Arduino & Bluetooth Module

This project uses some sensors and Arduino to design and implement the Smart ECG Monitoring System.ECG monitoring is now becoming part of everyday life. Through ECG characteristics such as patient’s heartbeats, heart conditions, and heart disease can be analyzed.However, busy in today’s world and the increase in sudden death events motivate a monitoring system that monitors patients remotely located on a continuous basis

The proposed system sensed the patient’s ECG through 3 lead electrode system via AD8232 which amplifies minor and small bio-signals to the Arduino which processes them. After connecting electrodes to the body, have to turn on the proposed device and Bluetooth of the android device. Then this system have to pair the device with android device through via Bluetooth.This sensor was used to measure the heart’s electrical activity called ECG. In this project, Arduino and Bluetooth module are used to collect and transfer the heart activity and send it to the mobile application.In this work, an android application has been proposed that can receive ECG signals from the acquisition device wirelessly, detect QRS complexes, calculate heart rate and plot the real-time ECG signal for the cell phone display.

Hardware Tools:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Bluetooth
  • Electrode

Software Tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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