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Ultrasonic transducer:building tx and rx

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I am building an ultrasonic tracking system for my project(follo me robot) and I need your help in building an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver .The Ultrasonic transducer which I am gonna use is prowave 400fs080 ( .I need the transmission to be omnidirectional and this is the transducer that gives out an omnidirectional output. I have brought this transducer and I do not have the complete knowledge to design the tx and rx with it.Would you be able to help me with this project ?pls reply asap .

Tx:transmitter should send ultrasonic bursts at definit interval(say 500ms)
rx :receiver should detect the burst and give out a digital signal(1 for siganl received and 0 for no reception).

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Hi Mani,

Can you tell me the pin details of your Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver.