Matlab Code for Robust Image Watermarking using SVD


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The project presents that encryption of compressed video bit streams and hiding privacy information like binary watermark to protect videos during transmission or cloud storage. Digital video sometimes needs to be stored and processed in an encrypted format to maintain security and privacy. Data hiding approach is necessary to perform in the see encrypted videos for the purpose of content notation and tampering detection. Here, data hiding directly in the encrypted version of .AVI video stream is approached, which includes the following three parts, i.e., .AVI video encryption, data embedding, and data extraction. By analyzing the property of .avicodec, the codewords of intra prediction modes, the code words of motion vector differences, and the codewords of residual coefficients are encrypted with stream ciphers. Then, a data hider may embed additional data in the encrypted domain by using bits wrapping technique, without knowing the original video content. Arnold transform is used here to scramble/descramble the secret watermark before/after data embedding/extraction. In order to adapt to different application scenarios, data extraction can be done either in the encrypted domain or in the decrypted domain. The simulated results shows that used methods provides better performance in terms of computation efficiency ,high data security and video quality after decryption. The parameters such as Mean square error, PSNR, correlation are evaluated to measure its efficiency.


  • Pixel Differences expansion based rc4
  • Selective encryption
  • Spread spectrum and SVD based hiding 


  • High computational cost
  • In compatible for encryption of video bit streams
  • Problems in storage and computation due to its constraints
  • Inflexible for data hiding under compressed video


An Efficient watermarking on encrypted compressed video bit streams for privacy information protection based on,

  • .AVI coder , Stream ciphers and Bits Wrapping method
  • Dwt
  • Rc5
  • Choas


  • .AVI Coder
  • Video Encryption using Bitstream Cipher
  • Arnold Transform
  • Bits Wrapping based Embedding


a)     Watermark and secret data Embedding

Robust watermarking using SVD in matlab 1

b)     Watermark Extraction and Video Recovery

Robust watermarking using SVD in matlab 2


  • It avoids the leaks of video content in storage of clouds
  • Reduced time consumption process
  • It is useful to perceive video tampering 
  • Better compatible system for people privacy protection


  • Copyright Protection
  • Medical and Surveillance systems
  • Multimedia Security


  • MATLAB 7.13or above versions


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