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Robotics projects 2019

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This post consist of ieee based robotics projects for engineering students

A Robotic Cane For Balance Maintenance Assistance Using Lie Algebra Method (LAM)

A Sensor Glove For The Interaction With A Nursing-Care Assistive Robot

Automated Intelligent Robot Using Raspberry Pi

Autonomous Wheelchair Navigation In Unmapped Indoor Environments Using LIDAR

IOT Based Self-Directed Fire Fighting Robot

Leap Motion Controlled Remote Search And Disposal Robot Using Hand Gestures

Real-Time Holonic Scheduling For Warehouse Picking Robot

Autonomous Hurdle Avoidance Vehicle Using LIDAR And An Embedded System

Low Cost Turtle Bot Using LIDAR With ROS

ROS Based Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using 2D LIDAR And RGB-D Camera

ROS Based Horticultural Robot Using LIDAR Technology

Self-Driving Car Using LIDAR ,ROS And Matlab

Signposts Detection By Contour Analysis In The Slam

Slam Technique Based Smart Walker

Securing Robot Communication Using MQTT Protocol And ROS

Cloud based personal assistant using OpenCV in Raspberry Pi

Doze identifier for motorist using OpenCV in Raspberry Pi

Employment of machine learning in raspberry pi for authentication application

OpenCV based Smart tutor for visionless Person Using Raspberry Pi

Pigment trailed robot using OpenCV in Raspberry Pi

Real-time Multiple Face detection using Raspberry Pi with Intel Movidius Stick 2

Vision based Rush-hour assistance Robot using Raspberry pi

Smart joystick for robot control using OpenCV in Raspberry Pi

Visionary based Pipe Crawling Robot using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

Web access and Face recognized Ingress authentication using OpenCV raspberry pi

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