RFID based Door lock system using Raspberry Pi

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RFID based Door lock system using Raspberry Pi

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RFID means Radio Frequency Identification, which the technology used for security purpose. Which the RF card is encoded by the Digital information, whenever you place the RF Cards in the RF Reader, the data read by the reader results that Digital Information, so each card contains different identification digital information, so Authentication is referred by configuring with digital information. This Raspberry Pi system teaches you to interface the RFID with the Raspberry Pi by decoding the Reading Digital data, to check for authentication. If digital data of certain card matches with the Data configured in the program, it shows as authenticated, then opens the door. If Card data are not authenticated, it doesn’t open the door until user placing the suitable RF cards which having digital data configured in the system.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD card
  • Power supply
  • VGA to HDMI converter (Optional)
  • RF Reader
  • RF cards


  • Raspbian Stretch OS      
  • SD card Formatter
  • Win32DiskImager (or) Etcher


  • Time library (For Time delay)
  • Serial Library


import serial

port = serial.Serial("/dev/serial0", baudrate=9600, timeout=0.5)
people = {"00009FB68CA5": "Rahul", "123456789": "Champ"}
while True:
    rcv = port.readline()
    if (rcv is not ''):

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