Real time vehicle monitoring and Tracking based on Raspberry pi


Real time vehicle monitoring and Tracking based on Raspberry pi

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                An advanced vehicle monitoring and tracking system based on Raspberry pi Board and android application is designed and implemented for monitoring the school vehicle from any location A to location B at real time. The system would make good use of new technology that based on Embedded Linux board namely Raspberry Pi and Smartphone android application..  The proposed system would place inside the vehicle whose position is to be determined on the web page and monitored at real time. there is comparison between the currentvehicle path and already specified path into the file system of raspberry pi. Here in this system the already specified path inside the raspberry pi’s file system taken from vehicle owner’s android smartphone using android application. Means the selection of path from location A to B takes place from vehicle owner’s android application which gives more safety and secures traveling to the traveler. Hence the driver drives the vehicle only on the vehicle owner’s specified path. If the driver drives the vehicle on the wrong path then the alert message will be sent from the proposed system to the vehicle’s owner mobile and also speakers alert driven using Raspberry pi’s audio jack. If the vehicle’s speed goes beyond the specified value of the speed, then also the warning message will be sent from system to the owner mobile. The proposed system also took care of the traveler’s safety by using LPG Gas leakage  and temperature

Existing system

  •    In existing system  the Linux board and android was not merged
  •    In the existing system the longitude and latitude not stored initially

Proposed system

  • In the proposed system, thesystem provides a fully automated tracking and monitoring of the vehicle which helpful for school bus, their owners Children’s safety and also it provides the accurate arrival time of the vehicle at particular location or stop.
  • The proposed system get tracking information of the vehicle like vehicle number (Unique ID), location, speed, Date, Time and store into the database of Raspberry
  • The system alsoprovides students safety mechanism with the help of temperature sensor and gas leakage sensor
  • The proposed system provides more safety and securesolution using android application for wrong path alert.

Block diagram 

                           real time vehicle monitoring and tracking based on raspberry pi

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