Real-Time Interaction with Smart Wheelchair using ARM

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Real-Time Interaction with Smart Wheelchair using ARM

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Ubiquitous devices are becoming a part of people’s day-to-day life. Smart devices not only aid to people’s life but also are becoming a crucial part of physically challenged and aged people. The need for safe and independent mobility for the elderly and physical challenged people is of prime concern. The paper deals with creation of a Smart Wheel-Chair (SWC) that mainly focuses on the mentioned issue in a very affordable way and to a greater extent. The Wheel-Chair is controlled. It consists of a touch-screen based navigation system along with accident prevention and fall detection. A semi-automatic vision function and physiological stress sensors have been integrated. GPRS system is used for location determination and GSM is used to communicate in those cases where certain abnormal events like falling, accident or health issues are trigged. The real-time interaction functions are designed with the motive to make the user operating the wheel-chair completely self-dependent and his interaction with the environment can be like of a normal person.



  • Manually controlling
  • semi-automatic controlling
  • RFID Tags based



Smart Wheel-Chair (SWC) can be well navigated by a touch screen android device that could either be connected via USB or by Bluetooth configuration. Also with the help of GPS the exact location of the chair can be determined.



real-time interaction with Smart Wheelchair


The control system consists of a microcontroller embedded. When fall is detected GSM will inform. Breaking of motors when the obstacle is detected. This subsystem is responsible for detecting any moving/stationary objects within the specified range of the SWC with ultrasonic sensor. The fall detection subsystem is implemented with a MEMS accelerometer the accelerometer based fall detection is then connected to a GSM system.


  • LPC2148
  • Accelerometer
  • Ultrasonic
  • Motors
  • Driver IC
  • LCD
  • Buzzer
  • GSM


  •  Keil
  •  Flash Magic
  •  Embedded C 


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