Real time Bar code recognition


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Real time Bar code recognition

           In this project , which recognizes the barcode using image processing. This project presents an algorithm to develop a Supermarket billing system. There are various types of barcodes in use today.  Our algorithm decodes EAN 13 barcode that is used universally. In this algorithm,we create database of images.. Preprocessing is done that includes processes such as binarization; spatial filtering and edge detection on these images to extract the barcode region and the barcode number is decoded using the decoding algorithm. This barcode number is further compared with the database, and the corresponding information of the scanned product is displayed in a different sheet. A final bill of all scanned products is created after scanning of all products. Proposed System provides a convenient method of extracting information from the barcode at a lesser cost as compared to typical electronic barcode scanners. This system can be used by businesses requiring accurate results at low cost.

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