Raspberry Pi Based License Plate Recognition using OpenCV, Python


License Plate Recognition can be used to recognizing the vehicles in different places such as Toll Gates and Traffic signals This system uses Raspberry Pi


Vehicle Identification

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Automatic vehicle license plate recognition is an important component of modern intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Generally vehicle license plate recognition is divided into several steps including license plate extraction, image region which contains a license plate, character segmentation, and character recognition. Automatic license plate recognition system using Camera mounted over the exposure system image of the license plate is captured and the image is processed to extract the license number.  The extracted information can be used with or without a database in many applications, such as electronic payment systems toll payment, parking fee payment, and freeway and arterial monitoring systems for traffic surveillance.  If a vehicle tries to cross traffic rules, its license number is extracted and information regarding the offense along with the license plate no is sent to the Traffic Control Section for further legal actions to be taken. An alarm is raised to inform the on field policeman about the offense.  It should also be generalized to process license plates from different nations, provinces, or states.

Existing system

In the existing system video monitoring only possible in a particular area through camera. Here we can’t extract particular information.

Demo video

Proposed system

Automatic license plate recognition system using Camera image of the license plate is captured and the image is processed to extract the license number with Raspberry pi.


  • High Efficient
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic process

Block diagram

                                      automatic license plate recognition

Block diagram description

In  this block diagram the whole system is controlled by Arm11  processor  and  this  processor  is  implemented  on Raspberry  Pi  Board.  so this  board  is  connected  with monitor, camera, SD card and IP connected through LAN. Those all components are connected by USB adaptors. Raspberry pi is the key element in processing module which keeps on monitors vehicles by interfacing camera in that applicable area. Using that camera Raspberry pi extract the number. The extracted information can be used for further verification.

Hardware description

  • Raspberry pi
  • Camera
  • Monitor
  • USB adaptors
  • SD card

Software requirments

  • Wheezy Raspian
  • opencv


  • Tollpayment applications
  • Parking fee applications
  • Traffic sureillance applications


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