Raspberry Pi Based E- Notice Board

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Raspberry Pi Based E- Notice Board

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This paper presents the project College Information Management System (CIMS) deals with the maintenance of information over a network within the college. The college system has gone through a vast transformation particularly in the last decade. While adopting, IT seems to be the best choice towards enhancing efficiency, it becomes necessary for college systems to face the challenges imposed by the e-vulnerabilities. This product ensures instant and secure information maintenance in colleges. In this system raspberry pi is used which is interconnected to the all college notice boards which will have a admin who will enter the notice which should appear in the college premises. Apart from this College Information Management System project allows the information available over the college internal network and provides information access to the entire spectrum of campus users that includes college staff such as administrators, faculty, librarians, etc. Whatever message the admin want to give the person will give it through the network in the raspberry pi which will automatically display the notice on the particular E-notice board.


This project of CIMS addresses all the vulnerable aspects and meets the requirements of various fields like college administration, staff and student enrollment, library management, latest happenings, course details, etc. This project is implemented using the E-notice board with the help of the raspberry pi with the interconnected internal network all over the campus.


In the existing system, manual GPS is used to send the information to the particular notice board, which can have a problem with the network with the GPS module have a more cost as the number of E-Notice board increases.


In this proposed system, Raspberry pi is installed with the interconnected campus network and the admin is given the privilege to send the E-Notice to any branch with the help of the interconnected network.






  • In this project an interconnected server is made to send the information.
  • Admin have the privileges to send the information through the network
  • Connect power supply for Raspberry pi
  • Plug the HDMI cable in Raspberry pi from the monitor using VGA to HDMI converter cable
  • Connect USB Mouse and USB keyboard to the Raspberry pi.
  • Information will be displayed on the E-Notice board. 


  • Raspberry Pi
  • E-Notice Board
  • SD card
  • Monitor 


  • Raspbian Jessie.
  • HTML and PHP.
  • Language – Linux.
  • Python.


This package has established a model for College Information Management. This package is completely computerized and maintains the details which the admin will send to the E-Notice board using the interconnected network.


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