Raspberry Pi based Bus Stop Reminder using RFID

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Raspberry Pi based Bus Stop Reminder using RFID

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This paper presents the bus stop reminder using RFID so that the users don’t get delayed or don’t get down at a different stop. The main goal of this project is to remind the correct bus stop before the stop has come. Bus routes travel through a number of bus stops. Many times buses change routes and new bus stop names need to be configured in system. Many bus stops also change their names at times or sometimes new bus stops to be added into existing routes. So here we propose a speaking bus stop indicator system using raspberry pi. We use raspberry pi based circuit along with RF receiver based circuit to be placed in buses. Also we use a monitor to display names of bus stops as they arrive. We use RF transmitter based circuits which will be placed on bus stops. This system does not need any bus stop name or route names to be stored in the bus system. Each bus stop system has a code and our receiver circuitry can be fed with as well as edited of existing bus stop names using a USB keyboard interface. Each bus stop system constantly transmits a unique bus stop code. When the bus comes in range of a bus stop the code is picked up by bus system and it automatically feeds it to controller. The controller process this information to find out the name of corresponding bus stop and immediately converts it to voice command. It now speaks the bus stop name using a speaker to provide an automated raspberry pi based speaking bus stop indicator system. This way the passenger will be reminded of the bus stop with the speech before the stop is reached.


The idea behind this is to remind the passenger stop before the bus stop came in the existence. It will automatically speak out the bus stop name when the bus stop come and give a reminder to the passenger in the bus here RF transmitter and receiver plays an important role with raspberry pi with speak module for the reminder of the stop to the passengers.


In the existing system, Location of the bus is not known, thus we need to ask the bus information for respective persons. Chances of missing bus stop are more.


In this proposed system, we are expecting to remind the bus stop of the bus and let the users know the location. So that one can manage their time efficiently and get the reminder just before the bus arrives or take an alternate means of transport if they miss the bus stop or they are running late.


RPI Based Bus Stop Reminder using RFID1


RPI Based Bus Stop Reminder using RFID2


  • In this project RF transmitter and RF emitter are used to exchange the information.
  • Speaker is connected to the raspberry pi to know the bus location.
  • Connect power supply for Raspberry pi
  • Plug the HDMI cable in Raspberry pi from the monitor using VGA to HDMI converter cable
  • Connect USB Mouse and USB keyboard to the Raspberry pi


  • Raspberry Pi
  • RF Transmitter
  • RF Emitter
  • Speaker
  • SD card
  • Monitor


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Language – Linux
  • Python


This system is smart way of reminding the bus stops which is a efficient way of telling the person of the bus stop and also will help the people saving their time if the bus is late to the stop. Also a new way to digitalize the world without any man power involved in that.


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