QR Code Based Navigation Robot

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QR Code Based Navigation Robot

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QR Code Based Navigation Robot

Localization and navigation are fundamental issues to mobile robotics. An approach for localization and navigation for a mobile robot in indoor environment is proposed in this project. In this approach, QR codes are used as landmarks to provide global pose references. Label and location information is stored in QR codes which are strategically placed in the operating environment.Robot platforms used in today’s scientific researches generally prefer ROS (Robot Operating System). This Linux-based operating system that allows a lot of flexible coding techniques is very beneficial to the researcher on the way to the goal. In addition, the path planning of the robot is determined by an algorithm developed before the movement of the robot. Operation of the planned path from the starting point to the destination point is provided by the Raspberry Pi single-board computer.The reading of the QR tags is done via an HD webcam with 720p resolution. With the installed OpenCV library on the Raspberry Pi, QR labels on the ground were detected and analyzed.

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