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  • The output for that axis outputs half the supply voltage, or about 1.65V.
  • Operates on 2.2-3.6VDC, and uses very little current (500uA).
  • It has three analog outputs, one for each axis.
  • Acceleration on each axis generates a voltage from 0 to approximately 3.3V.
  • The laptops to detect when the computer's suddenly moved or tipped, so the hard drive can be locked up during movement.
  • Used in cameras, to control image stabilization functions.
  • Used in pedometers, gait meters, and other exercise and physical therapy devices.
  • Used in gaming controls to generate tilt data.
  • Used in automobiles, to control airbag release when there's a sudden stop.
  • On board 3-pin header
  • Facility to interface microcontroller devices
  • Sensor device: MMA 7260Q
  • MEMS Sensor kit
  • 3-pin female header
  • User manual
  • Datasheet-adxl335.pdf

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