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digital-compass Digital Compass

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Learning Center

  • Compass with Heading Output
  • Full Integration of 2-Axis Magnetic Sensors and Electronics
  • Compass Algorithms
  • Small Surface Mount Package (6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5mm, 24-pin LCC)
  • Low Voltage Operation (2.7 to 5.2V)
  • I2C 2-Wire Serial Interface
  • Lead Free Package Construction
  • Wide Magnetic Field Range (± 2 Oe)
  • Set/Reset Strap Drive
  • A complete compass solution including compass firmware
  • A complete digital compass solution with heading angle output in a Chip-scale package
  • For computation of heading, and magnetic calibration for hard-iron.
  • Small size, easy to assemble and compatible with high speed SMT assembly
  • Compatible with battery powered applications
  • Works as a Slave to Customer’s Master Processor (100 kHz).
  • Complies with Current Environmental Standards (RoHS)
  • Sensor Can Be Used in Strong Magnetic Field Environments
  • Stray Magnetic Field Protection and Temperature Compensation
  • On board 4-pin header
  • Facility to interface with Microcontroller,FPGA,DSP devices
  • Sensor device : HMC6352
  • Digital Compass Module
  • 4-pin female header
  • 4-pin male header
  • User manual
  • Datasheet-HMC6352.pdf

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