Bluetooth User Manual

Bluetooth user manual

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1. Introduction

PS-BLUETOOTH EVK is powered by LM400 are Class 1 type of Compact Embedded Bluetooth Serial Modules for RS-232 cable replacement. By default, they support 30 meters of wireless transmit distance. The module has an extension option so that users can extend the transmit distance up to 300 meters using optional antennas. Users may configure the LM400 Series by using easy-to-use Windows-based utility software or by using standard AT command set.

Supported Modules

  • LM400 / Parani-ESD-02 / 01
  • FB755AX / FB155BC
  • A7Eng

Base Board Specifications

  • On-Board Voltage Regulator
  • Data Flow Indicators (PSS)
  • Power ON status Indication LED.
  • DB9 Connector for PC or MCU Interface.
  • USB connection provides both power and a serial link.

General Block Diagram

2. Bluetooth Modules ( Parani ESD-02 )

Parani-ESD Series is OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module type product line based on Bluetooth technology. Parani-ESD Series is designed for integration into user devices by on-board installation. They are connected to the device via built-in UART interface and communicate with other Bluetooth device. Parani-ESD Series enables RS232-based serial devices to communicate wirelessly throughout the range of 30m~300m(Parani-ESD210-Class 2) or 100m~1000m(Parani-ESD110-Class 1).

Parani-ESD100/200 has a built-in on-board antenna. Users may configure the Parani-ESD Series by using easy-to-use Windows-based utility software or by using standard AT command set. Promi-ESD-02 is a board type of Parani-SD™, Class 2 OEM version, which can be embedded in your applications such as mobile terminals or any kinds of machines for Wireless serial communications of long range, easy-to-install, and low-cost. Provided is point-to-point wireless connection without standard RS232 cables.

Typical Applications

  • RS232 cable replacement       : Wireless Factory monitoring
  • Truck/Bus monitoring system      : PLC programming
  • Car Diagnostics         : Wireless Printing
  • Wireless POS system       : Wireless logistics


Output Interface UART, Compliant Bluetooth stack v1.2-improved AFH(Adaptive Frequency Hopping), Fast connection

  • Transmit Power  ESD100/110 : Max. +18dBm ,ESD200/210 : Max. +4dBm
  • Receiving Sensitivity   ESD100/110: -88dBm(0.1%BER) ,ESD200/210 : -80dBm(0.1%BER)
  • Antenna gain   Chip :0dBi, Stub : +2dBi, Dipole : +3dBi, Patch : +9dBi
  • Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement.
  • Supports Bluetooth Serial Port Profile.
  • Interoperability with PDA, laptops etc.
  • Built-in chip antenna included
  • Supports firmware upgrade via windows-based software (ParaniUpdater)
  • Working distance(In an open field)
    - Parani-ESD100 : Class 1, Nom. 100 meters
    - Parani-ESD200 : Class 2, Nom. 30meters
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available.
  • No external drivers required.

3. Specifications:

Serial Interface

  • Parani-ESD100
    - UART Interface, 2.54mm Header 2x6, 1200bps to 230 Kbps
    - CTS/RTS flow control : Default
    - DTR/DSR for loop-back & full transfer
  • Parani-ESD200
    - UART Interface, 2.54mm Header 1x4x2, 1200bps to 230 Kbps
    - CTS/RTS flow control : Default

Bluetooth Interface

  • Parani-ESD100
    - Bluetooth v1.2 | • Class 1 | • Level - 18 dBm
    - Protocols - RFCOMM, L2CAP, SDP
    - Profiles - General Access Profile, Serial Port Profile
    - Working distance ESD100 : Nominal 100 meters
  • Parani-ESD200
    - Bluetooth v1.2 | • Class 2 | • Level - Max. 4 dBm
    - Protocols - RFCOMM, L2CAP, SDP
    - Profiles - General Access Profile, Serial Port Profile
    - Working distance ESD200 : Nominal 30 meters


  • ParaniWin, ParaniWizard, Modem AT command set Firmware Update: ParaniUpdater


  • 3.3VDC
  • Nominal current consumption
    - ESD100 : 70mA @ 3.3VDC approximately
    - ESD200 : 40mA @ 3.3VDC approximately

Pin Details of Bluetooth Modules


Bluetooth Specification – Parani ESD-02

4. Bluetooth Board Details:

Power Supply

The external power can be DC source only, with a voltage (+5V/,1A output) at 230V AC input. The LM1117 Fixed +3.3V positive regulator is used to provides power to the Zigbee Modules and other peripherals. Separate slide switch is provided to power the board (ON/OFF).


The Reset Switch is used to reset (re-boot) the Bluetooth module. This switch only applies when using the configuration tabs of bluetooth Software

I/O & Power LEDs

LEDs indicate RF module activity as follows:

  • Yellow (top LED) = Serial Data Out (to host)
  • Green (middle) = Serial Data In (from host)


Serial Port

Standard female DB-9 (RS-232) connector.
Note : Female – Female 9-pin Straight cable (Rx-Rx | Tx-Tx)

5. Bluetooth Software


ParaniWIN is a program that runs on Microsoft Windows for the configuration of Parani-ESD. Install ParaniWIN on your computer. Plug a Parani-ESD into the serial port of the computer and turn on the power. Run ParaniWIN. Set each option properly and click [Confirm]. If the settings of the Parani-ESD are different from the ParaniWin, an error message will pop up. If the Parani-ESD is in the status of connection, warning message will pop up. Then the current connection can be cancelled by [Disconnect] button on the main window.

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