Programmable Peripheral interface Card

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PS-ADD-ON 8255 interface card is designed to study the features of Intel 8255, PS- 8255 Interface card consist of 12 nos. of point LED’s for displaying device logic output, 8nos of slide switches to give digital input and 4nos of tact switches for interrupt generating interrupt. PS-ADD-ON 8255 is user friendly facilitating the beginners to learn the operation of programmable peripheral interface. Address lines, Chip select lines and the Power lines are terminated with 50-pin connector.

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Features of Programmable Peripheral interface Card

  • Devices :8255
  • Essential hardware is provided to operate Mode 0, Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • 8 No. SPDT switches is provided at Port A for giving 8 TTL inputs
  • 8 No of LED’s provided at Port B for outputs
  • Port A and Port B lines are terminated to 20 pin header
  • 50 pin FRC connector to interface with 8051/8086/8085 Trainer kits
  • 20 pin FRC is provided for high reliability
  • 4 No. of Tact switches in Port C for generating an interrupt
  • 50 pin FRC connector to interface with 8085/8086/8051 Trainer Kits

Card Features

  • 8255 (PPI)
  • 50-pin Box Connector
  • Ability to interface with 8085/8086/8051 MTK

Kit Includes

  • 8255 (PPI)
  • Interface Cable
  • CD Contains:
    • Datasheets

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