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7 Segment Display Board


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  • 6 Nos. common anode 7-segment Display
  • Transistors driver Circuit for displays
  • 20-pin Box Connector
7-Seg Display
  • The High Efficiency Red source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Orange Light Emitting Diode.
  • 0.56 inch digit height.
  • Low current operation.
  • Excellent character appearance.
  • Easy mounting on P.C. boards or sockets.
  • Mechanically rugged.
  • Standard: gray face, white segment.
  • RoHS compliant.
Kit Includes
  • 7-SEG Display Card
  • Interface Cable
  • Datasheets | App notes
  • 7SEG-Interface.pdf

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