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Blackfin Tyro

Blackfin-Tyro PART NO: PS-TYRO-BF532

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Key Features
  • 128Mbit SDRAM.
  • 1Mbyte Flash.
  • 512KB SPI Flash Program Memory.
  • UART for Serial Communication.
  • 25MHz On-Board crystal.
  • 32.768 KHz RTC.
  • Output Led’s Timers and RTC.
  • Programmable Flags (For External I/O).
  • JTAG Connectors.
  • Asynchronous Memory Connector.
  • Power LED and general-purpose LEDs.
  • Reset pushbutton.
  • SPI Connectors.
  • RTOS Support.
  • Evaluate Real Time Signal & Image Processing Applications.
  • JTAG Debugging.
  • Memory : 16K byte Instruction SRAM/Cache
    32K byte Instruction SRAM + Data
    SRAM/Cache 32K byte
  • Clock: Up to 400 MHz
  • Dynamic power Management.
Kit Includes
  • BF532_Evaluation_Kit.pdf

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