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Synchro Transmitter and Receiver

SYNCHRO-TRANSMITTER-RECEIVER PS-LAB-Synchro Transmitter and Receiver

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  • One no. of phase shift transformer provided for 90ophase shifting of main wire voltage
  • Two no, of three phase synchronous motor given for transmitter side & receiver side.
  • Three power switch control the transmitter & receiver.
  • One no. of digital voltmeter provided for stator winding voltage measurement
  • 1 phase input, all are mounted on a nice cabinet
  • To measure the Stator output voltage with respect to rotor position and plot the graph.
  • To study the Rotor position of Synchro transmitter and Receiver
  • Kit Working voltage : (220-240)VAC
  • Input Voltage : 50V AC
  • Input Frequency : 50Hz
  • Output Voltage : 0 TO 50V DC
  • Output Current : 1Amps
  • Synchro transmitter &receiver
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 1A Fuse
  • Manual
  • Synchro-Transmitter_and-Receiver.pdf

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