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Process Control Simulator


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  • Built-in Function generator (Sine & Square wave)
  • Variable gain for proportional control (P)
  • Variable integral time for integral control (I)
  • Variable derivative for derivative control (D)
  • Self contained power supplies and power ON/OFF switch
  • Time constant of simple lags - 1ms, 0.47ms.
  • Time constant of Integrators - 1s.
  • Proportional Band (p) - Corresponding to gain Constants 0.5 to 25.

  • To determine the time constant and transfer function of first order process.
  • To study the open loop response of a simple process.
  • To study the closed loop response of a simple process.
  • To observe the time response of closed loop second order process with proportional control.
  • To study the time response of P + I controller.
  • To study the response of P + I + D Controller in a process.


  • Kit Working voltage : (220-240)VAC
  • Input Voltage : 12V-0-12V AC
  • Input Frequency : 50Hz
  • Output Current : 1 Amps
  • Output Frequency : 100 HZ TO10KHZ


  • Process control simulator
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 1A Fuse
  • Manual

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