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Base Board Specifications
  • On-Board Voltage Regulator
  • Data Flow Indicators (PSS)
  • Power ON status Indication LED.
  • DB9 Connector for PC or MCU Interface FOR NMEA protocols.
  • USB connection provides both power and a serial link, will show GPS NMEA data every second.
  • Interfaces :UART, SPI or I2C Additional master mode I2C
  • Digital I/O : 1 NReset|1 EINT0 input | 1 ON_OFF input
    1 WAKEUP output | 1 time pulse
  • Protocols:NMEA, OSP
Performance Data
  • Receiver type :48-channel SiRF4 engine GPS L1, C/A Code Max.update rate 1Hz
  • Sensitivity: Tracking: -161 dBm
    Reacquisition: -160 dBm
    Cold starts: -147 dBm
  • Time-To-First-Fix :Cold starts: 35 s (typical)
    Hot starts: 0.6 s (typical)
  • Accuracy :Position3: 2.5m CEP
  • Speed :<0.01m/s
  • Operational limits :Velocity: <1850km/h
    Altitude: <18288km span="">
  • Operation Temperature :-40°C to +85 °
  • Power supply:1.71V to 1.89V
Kit Includes
  • SIM18C GPS EVK with Module
  • Communication Cables
  • CD Contains:
    • Datasheets
    • software
  • SIM18_GPS.pdf

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