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Power Systems Project 2019

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This blog post provides the best Power system projects

A Control Strategy For A Series APF With Critical-Load-Bus Voltage Feedback That Avoids Injection Transformer Saturation

A Critical Assessment Of Oscillatory Modes In Multi-Micro grids Comprising Of Synchronous And Inverter Based Distributed Generation

A Distributed Coordination Control Based On Finite-Time Consensus Algorithm For A Cluster Of Dc Micro grids

A New Design Method Of A LCL Filter Applied In Active Dc-Traction Substations

A New Hybrid Multi-Level Dc-Ac Converter With Reduced Energy Storage Requirement And Power Losses For HVDC Applications

A Novel Dual-Dc-Port Dynamic Voltage Restorer With Reduced-Rating Integrated Dc-DC converter For Wide-Range Voltage Sag Compensation

A Novel DVR-ESS-Embedded Wind-Energy Conversion System

A Novel Solid-State Circuit Breaker With Self-Adapt Fault Current Limiting Capability For LVDC Distribution Network

A Unified Power Flow Controller Using A Power Electronics Integrated Transformer

An Improved Dc Solid State Transformer Based On Switched Capacitor And Multiple-Phase-Shift Shoot-Through Modulation For Integration Of LVDC Energy Storage System And MVDC Distribution Grid

Cluster Voltage Regulation Strategy To Eliminate Negative Sequence Currents Under Unbalanced Grid For Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge Statcom

Control Of Solar Photovoltaic Integrated Universal Active Filter Based On Discrete Adaptive Filter

Cyber Attack Detection For Dc Micro grids

Design And Implementation Of LVDC Hybrid Circuit Breaker

DSTATCOM Using Matrix Converter For Reactive Power Compensation

Dual P-Q Theory Based Energy Optimized Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Power Quality Improvement In Distribution System

Enhancement Of Solar Farm Connectivity With Smart PV Inverter PV-Statcom

Frequency And Voltage Control Strategy Of Standalone Micro grids With High Penetration Of Intermittent Renewable Generation Systems

Grid-Interface Bidirectional Converter For Residential Dc Distribution Systemsβ€”Part One High-Density Two-Stage Topology

Hybrid Structure Of Static VAR Compensator And Hybrid Active Power Filter (SVCHAPF) For Medium-Voltage Heavy Loads Compensation

Instantaneous Symmetrical Component Theory Based Parallel Grid Side Converter Control Strategy For Micro grid Power Management

MatlabSimulink-Based Electromagnetic Transient-Transient Stability Hybrid Simulation For Electric Power Systems With Converter Interfaced Generation

Multi-Functional Hybrid Structure Of Svc And Capacitive Grid Connected Inverter (SVCCGCI) For Active Power Injection And Non-Active Power Compensation

Power Quality Improvement Utilizing PV Fed Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based On UV-PI And PR-R Controller

Power System Real-Time Emulation A Practical Virtual Instrumentation To Complete Electric Power System Modeling

Power Theft Detection Using IOT

Probabilistic Power Flow Analysis Using Multidimensional Holomorphic Embedding And Generalized Cumulants

PV-Statcom A New Smart Inverter For Voltage Control In Distribution Systems

Robust Model Predictive Control With Simplified Repetitive Control For Electrical Machine Drives

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