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User Manual for DC Fixed Power Supply 12V/1A

DC Fixed Power Supply

Front Panel Description:





This display indicates the voltage that is supplied to the external circuit.


Power Switch is to ON/OFF the output power.


This Led indicates if the rated current level is exceeded or if any short circuit in the external circuit or Overloaded.


Here the regulated output is terminated with a banana connector.


This terminal is of earth.


  • Connect the power cord to the power supply and make sure the POWER switch is pressed.
  • Since this is a fixed power supply the output voltage is not variable.
  • The measuring unit displays the output voltage.
  • Even if there is any short circuit in the external circuit the led and buzzer is set to ON for indication.

After use

  • Once all the operation is completed, Switch off the whole power supply unit and remove all the connections from the unit.
  • Store in a dry, well air and non-dusty environment.


If the Power supply is not working check the fuses at the back side and replace the fuse at specified rating.