VI Characteristics of TRIAC

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To Study and verify VI characteristic of TRIAC.

Apparatus required

  • VI Characteristics of TRIAC kit.
  • Patch chords.
  • Power card.

Circuit Diagram


Experiment Steps

  • Connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram.
  • Switch on Kit observe whether meter are reading 0.
  • Set both voltages to minimum position, and then switch on SPDT.
  • Increase VAK voltage to maximum position.
  • Now slowly increase the voltage across VGK at certain voltage SCR is turned on stop varying the voltage at that point.
    Note: It may turn on around 3V.
  • Then reduce the voltage VAK to minimum position, don’t vary the VGK and Switch off SPDT.
  • Now Switch on SPDT then note down the readings.
  • Now vary VAK voltage slowly, correspondingly note down the VAK and IA readings and plot the graph.
  • Repeat from step 2 for another value of gate current IG.


If the connections are made wrong the kit may get damaged. Please switch off the kit when not in use


IG = ………………….mA










Model Graph

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