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Introduction to Closed Loop Control of BLDC Motor

BLDC motoris a Brushless Direct Current motor. It is almost similar to a stepper motor. The term stepper motor tends to be used for motors that are designed specifically to be operated in a mode where they are frequently stopped with the rotor in a defined angular position. The brushed DC motor is similar to brushless DC motor the major difference is of the motor is controlled without brushed commutation instead the motor is commutated using the position of the sensor named as Hall sensors Brushed DC motors develop a maximum torque when stationary, linearly decreasing as velocity increases.

Here the BLDC motor is controlled to a constant speed by controlling the duty cycle applied to the switching devices. By using a PI controller the output speed of the motor is maintained to a set speed.

Demonstration Video

Matlab Simulink Block Diagram for Closed Loop Control of BLDC Motor



The above Matlab section explains the closed loop Control of BLDC Motor. The output voltage is controlled with the help of a switching device..


Line voltage waveform of Closed Loop Control of BLDC Motor


Controlled speed waveform of Closed Loop Control of BLDC Motor