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Introduction to Boost Converter

Chopper is a high speed switching semiconductor. It connects source to load and disconnects the load from source at a fast speed. Chopper is a converter which converts variable DC to a required DC output. The input voltage can be increased or decreased based on the operation of switching devices..

Here in boost converter the input voltage is boosted to a required voltage. That is output voltage is greater than the input voltage. The boost converter can also be called as step-up chopper.

The output voltage is achieved by fast switching the device. The output voltage depends on the switching frequency applied to the device and it also depends on the duty cycle of the frequency. During OFF time the output voltage is same as the input voltage and during ON time the current flows in shortest path through inductor so the inductor is energised. As long as the continuous switching occurs the corresponding output voltage increases.

Demonstration Video

Matlab Simulink Block Diagram for Boost Converter

The above Matlab section explains the boost converter topology using two switching devices. The load used is a Resistive load.

Input source voltage of boost converter

 Boost Converter Volatage Settings

Load Voltage waveform of Boost Converter

Load Current Waveform of Boost Converter

Compared waveform of load voltage and current Waveform for Boost converter