Play Brainwave Visualizer with Brainsense,Play Brainwave Visualizer with Brainsense

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Play Brainwave Visualizer with Brainsense

Before enter to play a Brainwave Visualizer, Pair a Mindwave Mobile or Brainsense with the PC.

Note: click the below link to know complete pairing procedure with illustrate example.

How to pair a Brainsense with PC

How to Start Brainwave Visualizer

After pairing the Brainsense or Mindwave Mobile wear it on head.

To open the Brainwave Visualizer.

  • Start – All programs – NeuroSky – Mindwave Mobile Core – Mindwave Mobile.
  • Click – Brainwave Visualizer.


Mindwave Mobile core Figure 2

  • The following window will open.


Brainsense welcome screen Figure 3

  • Now power on the Brainsense and wear it on head.
  • Click Continue if you wear a Brainsense or Mindwave Mobile on your head.


Brainwave visualizer start Figure 4


Brainwave Visualizer connected Figure 5

Note: if wave quality is not good the Brainwave Visualizer doesn’t show this output. If so please adjust the Brainsense headband and fix the EEG electrode properly in forehead.


Brainwave visualizer list Figure 6

1. The Visualizer contains several interface elements that are common to the different views are built in.

2. Wave Quality.


The Disconnect stage may occur for the following reason:-

  • Communication establishes may be problem so turn the Brainsense Headband or Mindwave Mobile off and then back on.
  • Check that your Bluetooth adapter is in your PC/Laptop is powered on.
  • You may forget to wear a Brainsense Headband or Mindwave Mobile.
  • Make sure your Brainsense Headband is not low on power, if so replace the battery or recharge it.
  • Adjust the EEG Electrode to get a proper contact from the skin.
  • Make sure you properly paired the Brainsense Headband or Mindwave Mobile to your PC/Laptop.


Brainwave Visualizer Disconnect Figure 7

Chart View

The first view you see when you start up the Visualizer is the Chart View, which consists of the Dynamic Brainwave Visualization, the iTunes Media Bar, the Brainwave Power Spectrum Graph, and the eSense™ Attention and Meditation meters. The Chart View provides a comprehensive display of all the data coming from your headset.

The Chart View contains an interactive help feature. Click on each of the various components to bring up an informative description of that component, along with voice narration.


Brainwave Visualizer Chart view output Figure 8

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