You are currently viewing OpenCV projects using Raspberry Pi and windows system

OpenCV projects using Raspberry Pi and windows system

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List of OpenCV projects

  1. Face Detection & Tracking
  2. Face Recognition
  3. Digital Art
  4. Virtual Keyboard
  5. Low cost endoscopy 
  6. Emotion Recognition
  7. Gesture Recognition
  8. Sign Language Recognition
  9. Smile Detection
  10. Vehicle Detection
  11. Object Detection using YOLO algorithm
  12. Drowsiness Detection
  13. License plate Recognition
  14. Fingerprint Recognition
  15. Pedestrian Detection 
  16. Dog and Cat classification
  17. Food classification
  18. Leaf disease detection and classification
  19. Optical character Recognition
  20. Text identification
  21. Label Reading
  22. Business card reader
  23. Distance measurement using camera
  24. Age and Gender classification
  25. Facial Landmark detection
  26. Smart selfie camera
  27. Ball tracking 
  28. Lane Detection
  29. Digit Recognition
  30. Vision based speech codes
  31. Blind Navigation and assistance
  32. Handwriting Recognition
  33. Eyeball based cursor movement
  34. Color based object detection
  35. Image Blur estimation
  36. Vehicle Density identification
  37. Image retrieval using OpenCV
  38. Attendance marking using OpenCV
  39. Diabetic Retinopathy
  40. Lung nodule Detection
  41.  Fruit Recognition
  42. Glaucoma Detection
  43. Template matching
  44. Breast cancer detection
  45. Traffic sign Recognition
  46. Saliency Detection
  47. Bar code Recognition
  48. Motion Detection
  49. Food calorie measurement
  50. Brain tumor segmentation
  51. Shadow Detection

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  1. Patrick Ali

    Please I want to do a project, which involves being able to unlock a door with the aid facial recognition on raspberry pi.

    1. Pantech

      please whatsapp 91-9003113840

  2. rajm

    i want to build the raspberry pi based four wheel robot, in which raspberry pi camera identified the desired object from group of the object and reached near to that and pick the object and placed some where else.

    1. Pantech

      yes we can do this project,please call 9003113840 for further clarification

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