OpenCV based ATM security system

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Thrid Generation ATM Machine Using Advanced Image Processing

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Automated teller machines (ATMs) are well known devices typically used by individuals to carry out a variety of personal and business financial transactions and/or banking functions. ATMs have become very popular with the general public for their availability and general user friendliness. ATMs are now found in many locations having a regular or high volume of consumer traffic. For example, ATMs are typically found in restaurants, supermarkets, Convenience stores, malls, schools, gas stations, hotels, work locations, banking centers, airports, entertainment establishments, transportation facilities and a myriad of other locations. ATMs are typically available to consumers on a continuous basis such that consumers have the ability to carryout their ATM financial transactions and/or banking functions at any time of the day and on any day of the week.


In existing system RFID card is used as ATM card, IR sensor in order to sense the presence of the card holders and to turn on Fan and Light, if ATM is tampered then SMS is sent to two main stations via GSM.Based on WI fall detection get security, that network access is not that much secured.


The study is focused on Design and Implementation of Face Detection based ATM Security System using Embedded Linux Platform. The system is implemented on the credit card size Raspberry Pi board with extended capability of open source Computer Vision (OpenCV) software which is used for Image processing operation. High level security mechanism is provided by the consecutive actions such as initially system captures the human face and check whether the human face is detected properly or not. If the face is not detected properly, it warns the user to adjust him/her properly to detect the face. Still the face is not detected properly the system will lock the door of the ATM cabin for security purpose.





In this system help of the camera will get input image for face recognition. Before help of PIR will find the person is in front of machine or not after that will enable the camera and after first page will open automatically that everything will show in monitor. There have select user or third user, if user directly it will move face recognition after recognition done next our with drawl or if third user is there, third user have to update user valid name and password after user will get alert notification via SMS and Mail, based on that user want to give permission for taking money then third will get money otherwise system terminate.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Mobile Camera
  • PIR sensor 


  • Raspbian Jessie OS
  • Language : Python
  • Open CV


Thus the card less ATM can be achieved  by this method,Security of this system can be increased by the image processing techniques and algorithms used in this system.


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[4] Animetrics offers FaceR™CredentialME service on Sprint 3G and 4G networks August 12th, 2010.


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