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This Open BCI WiFi Shield is Compatible with ALL OpenBCI Biosensing Boards (CytonDaisy 16-channel, Cyton 8-channel, and Ganglion 4-channel).

IMPORTANT: the WiFi shield is known to have reliability issues (cyclical noise spikes and dropped data packets) when paired with Cyton and CytonDaisy boards. Using it effectively requires advanced technical skills and programming knowledge. Please proceed at your own risk. OpenBCI cannot guarantee that the device will work with your configuration.

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WiFi Shield Overview

The OpenBCI WiFi Shield is a plug and play accessory board for the Cyton and Ganglion devices. The WiFi Shield is the first open-source device that connects bio-sensors directly to the internet, allowing you to easily bypass latency filled serial ports and low range bluetooth connections. Further, the wifi shield enables you to stream faster and farther than possible with the default bluetooth based hardware. On most Wireless networks, the WiFi Shield can stream well at 1000Hz with the Cyton and Daisy boards and at 1600Hz with the Ganglion board. With a high speed network switch, sample rates over 2000Hz are possible with a theoretical limit of 16000Hz for the Cyton, 8000Hz for the Cyton with Daisy shield, and 12800Hz for the Ganglion. The WiFi Shield is a breeze to update over the air and it will continue to get faster. Every WiFi Shield is uniquely addressable on a local area network, allowing for the first time, a single computer to control a fleet of devices by quickly connecting to and commanding WiFi shields to start streaming! The WiFi Shield allows you to use popular messaging protocols such as MQTT to stream JSON or Raw data directly to cloud services like CloudbrainAmazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT or Google Cloud IoT.

The WiFi Shield has a ESP8266 on-board microcontroller and wireless connection. The ESP8266 is Expressif’s first generation Arduino-compatible IoT Wifi module. The Esp8266 allows for the ability to update software over the air (OTA). Every WiFi Shield will be pre-programmed with versatile firmware so you can get started sensing your body right out of the box. The WiFi Shield takes two GPIO pins from the Cyton/Ganglion for proper operation. All of break-out inputs on the Ganglion and Cyton are available for you to hack with.

What  comes inside the box?

  • (x1) WiFi Shield
  • (x1) Battery Pack
  • (x1) Spudger

WiFi Shield Technical Specifications

WiFi Shield:

  • Power with 3.3V to 6V DC battery ONLY
  • Current Draw: 125mA when idle, 150mA connected and streaming data
  • ESP8266 Wifi Module
  • Board Dimensions 2.41” x 2.41” (octogon has 1” edges)
  • Switches to manually connect/disconnect power rail to carrier board. 

Additional information

Weight 1.000000 kg


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