Oil Well Health Monitoring And Intelligent Control

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Oil Well Health Monitoring And Intelligent Control

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                 A sensor network based intelligent control is proposed for power economy and efficient oil well health monitoring. The proposed sensor network consists of three-level sensors: several types of basic sensors, such as Gas sensor, Temperature sensor  which are the first level sensors, are used for oil well data sensing; our developed intelligent sensors , which belong to the second level sensor, are designed mainly for an oil well’s data elementary processing, main fault alarm or indication, typical data storage or indication, data or status transmission up to the third level sensor, data or status transmission between intelligent sensors, and command transmission down to the oil pumping units motor; and  our developed software-defined control centers with an embedded database, i.e., the third level sensor, are designed for hundreds of oil wells data storage or management, data processing, malfunction detection, malfunction alarm or indication, stroke-adjustment command transmission down to a specific intelligent sensors for power economy.

Existing System 

  • The OPU administrators have to frequently go to the oilfield to check the OPU status and collect its health analysis data. For the sake of the harsh oilfield environment, especially in the winter when it is chilly and snowing overspreading the whole oilfield, it is quite difficult to effectively manage and maintain all OPU manually.
  • Power consumption for OPU is huge during the oil-pumping process. Especially in barren oil wells, power wastage is extremely high because each oil-pumping is not filled under such condition and thus oil production greatly drops even though the OPU pumping stroke remains high.
  • An administrator has to take charge of a number of oil wells, an OPU malfunction is difficult to locate and repair in a reasonable time, which causes an oil production drop.

Proposed System

  • A sensor network based intelligent system is proposed and applied for remote oil well health monitoring and automatic oil-pumping control.
  • Underground oil shortage, gas effect, oil pump on the touch, oil pump under the touch, wax deposition, pumping rod broken off, plunger stuck, oil pump serious leakage, no malfunction
  • Network topology for oil well health monitoring and OPU intelligent control.

Block Diagram 

  Oil Well Health Monitoring And Intelligent Control

Oil Well Health Monitoring And Intelligent Control


Hardware Tools 

  • Embedded Processor Unit
  • Sensor Modules
  • Wireless Module
  • Driver Unit
  • GSM Modem
  • Serial Communication

Software Tools 

  • KEIL C Compiler
  • Network Simulator(NS2)
  • Flash magic
  • Embedded C
  • ORCAD Design
  • Visual Basic6


  • Tank level monitoring
  • Petroleum industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Power plant

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