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Object recognition using cloud

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In our day to day life, we are watching more objects, places and things. Some things we are not able to identify what are those, usually if we want to know about that object we have to define the structure of an object in internet to identify the object. Suppose if we are having a project on a certain thing which we haven’t seen before, it is difficult to search about it. So this Cam_find is used to capture the image of any object and search in websites and narrates the user about that object automatically. For ex: Image like statues, it will check for that statue in internet and identify the statue then narrates about that statue automatically.


Object recognition is used by more applications, especially for blind people, they haven’t seen any things are placed before. By this system, just by clicking the button, object placed before the camera gets captured and captured images of that object gets processed through cloud to identify the object and narrates whole information about that object by the knowledge of the internet.


In this system, if we need to find and study about a certain object the button which is interfaced with GPIO pins of raspberry pi, the camera gets on and capture the certain image and it will automatically search that object using a separate cloud to identify the object and report about that object by the knowledge of Wikipedia. On the other hand, we have interfaced the Google maps so that we can able to find the current place using GPS.


Block diagram of camfind


  • Connect power supply as 5v for raspberry pi
  • Plug the USB mouse and Keyboard
  • Insert VGA plug into the raspberry to connect monitor using VGA to HDMI converting cable
  • USB camera should be plugged in the raspberry pi
  • Push button to capture the image which should be connected to GPIO Pin
  • GPS is also interfaced with raspberry pi to identify their current location
  • Since captured image should be passed to the cloud it should be connected to the network using the concept of IoT


 circuit diagram of cam find


  • Raspberry pi
  • SD card
  • Button switch
  • Wi-Fi
  • Camera


  • Raspbian Jessie OS
  • Python
  • Open CV
  • Apache
  • PHP


If we are out of our country, we want to face some problems like identifying the fruit or vegetables which are different from our country, not only the fruits, but also some other object which is different from our knowledge it can be easily identified by our proposed model.


Google is undergoing on the project, which having the ability to identify the place when we capture the image of the certain place, it will locate and narrative about that place. Likewise, we can also innovate this project, by creating some database of certain places, when we capture same place again from the database it will locate the place.

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