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LCD interface with MSP430G2553

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Hello Sir,

Iam trying a 16x2 LCD interfaced with MSP430G2553 and using IAR workbench ....but unable to get the display....

Port1 is connected to data.

P2.3 = RS
p2.4 = EN
R/w -gnded....
and im attaching C code also..

Will be thankful if help..

  1. lcdlp.c.txt
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hello nandhini

we are going thru the code and update you at the end of the day or tomorrow.

meantime pls go thru the link,hope it helps

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kindly do u share your circuit diagram of LCD alone, because you have mentioned that Port1 is connected to Data lines. I want to know whether the 8 bit or 4 bit interfacing mode you used ? or
at least draw a paint of your LCD interfacing with MSP430G2553?.

you can also go through the below link

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Dear sir,
I want to interface MCP3202 SPI capable of Adc to my MSP430G2553 Controller.Can u help me sir


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Dear Sir,
I am interfacing LCD with MSP430F5529.I am using LCD data lines as D4=P5.0,D5=P5.1,D6=P5.6,D4=P5.7 and R/W=p4.7,RS=P4.6,EN=P8.0.Can anyone suggest me the logic to write data to lcd.Is there clock initialization required?How much counts can i give to get 1ms delay in msp430f5529 operating at SMCLK+MCLK+Default DCO=1.048576MHZ.