Monitoring Driving Habits Through An Automotive CAN Network

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Monitoring Driving Habits Through An Automotive CAN Network

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There are lots of securities and other applications embedded in now a day cars. The driving habits of various individuals are different and we don’t have any system which can monitor these conditions. A Driver Behavior Reporting System that works by collecting and sending actual, real-time data directly from your driver’s car whenever it is being driven.  You stay aware and informed, so you can reinforce responsible driving habits, or immediately address areas of concern.

In this paper Monitoring driving habits of a person is presented, which is based on CAN network. The CAN bus is used as a communication of a distributed control network. This paper mainly introduces the design of the hardware and the software in detail. This device track speed, Engine temperature and Alcohol consumption status. With its unique Dashboard Reporting Tools, Owners not only know answers to where, when, and how fast, but importantly they now have insights as to “how” their driver is driving.  Driving behaviors such as excessive braking, quick acceleration, and how those can change between the daytime and nighttime are just some of the key areas analyzed. Dashboard Report provides a quick and easy to understand summary of behavior of each session.

This project is implemented in two sections. First one known runs with ARM as master node and another as normal ARM data acquisition node to which sensors are connected. Communications between two nodes are accomplished through High Speed CAN communication. Sensors connected are temperature, speed, and Alcohol sensors. The master node collects all these information through CAN network and stores in three sessions. To acquire the results, respective session switches are provided at the master node. These results can be monitored on display.


  • Manual monitoring.
  • No Automotive system for monitoring.
  • Cannot store respective values of speed.
  • No detection of Engine temperature

PROPOSED SYSTEM                

  • Fully automatic monitoring system.
  • High speed data collection.
  • Timely Storage and Display of results.


  • Automatic operation
  • safety concerns for others
  • Continuously monitor with sensors
  • High alert system 




  • ARM LPC2148
  • CAN controller MCP2510
  • Temperature  Sensor
  • Speed  control unit
  • 4×20 LCD
  • Selection Switches
  • Power supply


  • Compiler(KEIL ARM IDE)
  • Orcad design
  • Programmers(Flash Magic)
  • Languages: Embedded C


  • Automobile  Applications
  • Safety Application

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