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This family introduces a brand new line of low-tension USB microcontrollers with the most ancient advantage of all PIC18 microcontrollers – particularly, high process performance and an upscale feature set – at a very competitive value purpose. These features make the PIC18F67J50 family a logical alternative for many superior applications, wherever value may be a primary thought.

All of the devices within the PIC18F67J50 family incorporate a vary of options that may considerably reduce power consumption throughout operation. Key things include.

  • Alternate Run Modes: By continuance the controller from the Timer1 supply or the inner RC oscillator, power consumption throughout code execution is reduced by the maximum amount as ninetieth.
  • Multiple Idle Modes: The controller may also run with its central processing unit core disabled however the peripherals still Active . In these states, power consumption is reduced even more, to as very little as 4 wheel drive of traditional operation needs.
  • On-the-Fly Mode Switching: The power-managed modes square measure invoked by user code during operation, permitting the user to include power-saving concepts into their application’s software style. a fully-featured Universal Serial Bus communications module with a inbuilt transceiver that\'s compliant with the USB Specification Revision a pair of.0. The module supports each low-speed and full-speed communication for all supported information transfer