Matlab code for Video Steganography


This project explains to hide data inside a video.Message is hided in the frames and transmitted as a video,the same message is retrieved by decoding the frames.

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Digital data communication has become an integral part of infrastructure nowadays. In this tech era, with the increasing importance of internet and the fast communication techniques, the security and the confidentiality of the sensitive data has become of prime concern. This has resulted in an unpredictable growth in the field of information hiding. Cryptography and steganography are the two popular methods available to provide security. One hides the existence of the message and the other distorts the message itself. Steganography is a technique to hide secret information in some other media without leaving any apparent evidence of data alteration. It comes under the assumption that if the feature is visible, the point of attack is evident, thus the objective of steganography is always to conceal the very existence of the secret data. This project provides a state-of-the-art review and analysis of the different existing methods of video steganography and also covers classification and applications.

Matlab GUI for Video Steganogrpahy

Video Steganography


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