Matlab Code for Audio Watermarking

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Matlab Code for Audio Watermarking

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Matlab Code for Audio Watermarking

In this project image are embedded into audio file without loss of audio quality, and while extraction we get the embedded image. It has been observed that the digital media are hacked and its copyright is being misused to their own, even if it is the work of others. To protect from this malicious use we are proposing the digital audio watermarking d content. The technique used is Least significant Bit Modification This system gives the double protection to the media content and it cannot be hacked.

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Matlab Code for Audio Watermarking

% filename=handles.filename;
Q_SIZE = 3;

% fid = fopen('message.txt','r');
% F = fread(fid);
% s = char(F');
% fclose(fid);
% AA=imresize(AA,[50 50]);
[r1 c1]=size(AA);

BB=reshape(AA,[1 Len]);
i = 1;

while i < length(s)

    if c(i,1)

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