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Can you please provide me matlab program to remove noise from image.

Thank you.

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Kindly go thru this link

the example above will give you some insights to implement in colour image.

I = imread('eight.tif');
J = imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',0.02);
K = medfilt2(J);
figure, imshow(J), figure, imshow(K)

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Hi sir, this is Ammahi presently doing my BE. I am doing project on Recursion algorithm for noise removal in images....I thoroughly gone through the ieee paper but getting lot of errors when i wrote the matlab code. Please help me to write the code.
I am providing the link of paper.

A. Intelligent Recursive Algorithm (IRA)
Input – Noisy Image h
Step 1: Compute X
for every pixel repeat steps from 2 to 7
Step 2: Initialize w = 3
Step 3: If X(i,j) ≠ Impulse pixel
goto step 7
Step 4: Δi,j = { h(i1,j1) | i-(w-1)/2 ≤ i1 ≤ i+(w-1)/2,
j-(w-1)/2 ≤ j1 ≤ j+(w-1)/2}
b=no. of black pixels in the window
w=no. of white pixels in the window
Step 5: If Δi,j ≠ NULL
p(i,j) = mean(Δi,j)
d(i,j) = | h(i,j) – p(i,j) |
else if (w < wmax)
goto step 4
if (b>w)
Step 7: Goto next pixel
Step 8: Calculate threshold t, from detailed coefficient
matrix d
for every pixel
Step 9: If (d(i,j)>t)

this is the algorithm please help me with the code sir.

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Hello ammayai

we could definitely help to debug the code.But you have to start writing the code.

for basic syntax

let me know if i could be of any help

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can u please provide me matlab code for ezw,spiht compression algorithms for comparison purpose.

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Both the algorithms could be downloaded form mathworks file exchange