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Need to change logo image

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initially logo img is JNTU and program runs well, but if i change logo image to ZEAL the program fails
so plz help me with this ZEAL logo image on urgent basis...
plz find the attached documnt for the code and logo image. i need to run it with using ZEAL/DCOER logo only..

shoaib shaikh - 9765477867

  1. A Digital Video Watermarking Technique Based on.rar
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wht exactly is the problem,it is working with ZEAL3232 image .

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Plz answer the foll. questions in related to my project
1. why to go for 3 level only. what will happent if i go for 4 level or more
what is the limit for level ?

2. what is selection creteria for alpha? in my project its 0.01.what is the limit(range) of alpha ?

3. why to hide logo image in blue panel only ?
4. wht to hide logo image in LL band only.
5. as color image is 24 bit so by seperating its panel we get R G B planes each of 8 bit ok..
but if we directly go for image to binary for color image it will be of 8 bit yes,,, then why we r seperating its panel ?
what will happent if we directly apply dwt of binary image ?

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Hi shoaib
More you increase the level of decomposition,quality of the image will be degraded.
You could hide on any plane
4)LL band contains the information
5)dwt could be applied only for gray or colour images,we have not tested in binary

the remaining questions i have to go thru the paper,Hope it helps.

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thank you
is their any limit for decomposition ?? and what about alpha parameter ?
i m also going through paper
if you found plz help me

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for a 256 x256 Image 6 level decomposition is the max ,the total 65536 pixel values are reduces to 4 coefficients in a six level decomposition of the image