Make your device controlled by Brainstorms using Mind wave Mobile

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Make your device controlled by Brainstorms using Mind wave Mobile

Puzzle box brainstorms is application software that seems to establish a connection between your brainwaves towards the hardware prototype device which you have designed such as electric wheel chair, Helicopter, robots, etc..,

Note: Switch on your Mind wave Mobile, unpair the device if that device previously associated with any other PC/ Laptop or Mobile.

Step 1: Open the Bluetooth icon to add a device.


Step 2: Right Click the Mind wave mobile to add device to the Computer and then click next.


Step 3: Then it automatically pair up with your Pc/Laptop.


Step 4: Click to see the show devices from your Bluetooth and then click the Hardware Tab to see which Port the Mind wave mobile is associated with your PC/Laptop.


Now it’s Connected in COM Port 5.

Step 5: Click the Puzzlebox-Brainstorms-0.8.0-setup to Click I agree


Step 6: Then Click to Install after Completion close the Window.


Step 7: Click the Puzzlebox-Synapse-0.5.2 Setup and Click I agree.


Step 8: Then click Install and Close the Window after the Successful Installation.


Step 9: Click to Open the Puzzlebox-Brainstorms to read the Brain waves.


Step 10: Then the Puzzle box Brainstorms window opens and it consists of various controls for Robotics, electric wheel chair, Rc Helicopter Controls.


Step 11: Click the Control Panel tab to Make Change the followings, Select the Neurosky Mindwave in the EEG Headset Model.

Then select the EEG Source by Puzzle box Synapse and Copy the IP to the clipboard for to connects with Puzzlebox Synapse and then Click Connect.


Step 12: Click to Open the Puzzle Box-Synapse.


Step 13: Then the Synapse Window will open, it is used to read the Brain waves from our brain and sends the data towards the Puzzle Box-Brainstorms By means of data transfer using Manual IP configuration between both this Applications.


Step 14: Then Change the Highlighted Tabs to Make Syncing both the Puzzlebox Brainstorms and Synapse. Hardware Address we got from the Bluetooth Hardware Port establishment have to selected Ex. COM 5 (because My device Connects in COM 5) and the Click Connect, and then Paste the IP Host address which we copied from the Puzzle box Brainstorms and click Start to get the Brain waves.


Step 15: Then the Mind wave Device will read the Brainwave towards this Puzzle box and we can see our brainwaves visually.


Step 16: Now Open the Puzzle Box Brainstorms and see Concentration, Relaxation and Speed of Our Brainwaves according to that we can control the Robots, To Connect the Robots Make change the following Highlighted tabs to Connect a Prototype of Robots with this App to Make your robots work according to your Brain waves.


Step 17: After Connecting, the Controls will make active when you’re Concentration Increases the Robots Speed Also Increases, when your Relax or stop concentrating then automatically Robots action will stop or Slow down.


Step 18: As well as you can able to control the RC Helicopters by selecting the Highlighted tabs and Connect with your Copters and make fly the Helicopters by your Brain waves.


Step 19: Click the Electric Wheel Chair Tab to make Changes like the Highlighted Tabs by selecting the Appropriate Prototype of your Electric wheel chair and Contols your Electric wheel Chair by your brain EEG waves.


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