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          This project is used to control the output voltage of the luo converter. The LUO converter is used to boost the input voltage. The boosted dc voltage is control by using PIC controller. Output voltage of the luo converter is depends on the frequency of converter. The converter duty cycle is varied, the output voltage also varying.


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This project is mainly used for renewable energy source like solar, wind etc. The solarconverts the sunlight directly into electricity. That voltage range is low, so that low voltage is boosted by using the converter circuits. Converter is used to convert the low voltage dc into high voltage dc. Solar energy is involved in power plants, homes made appliances, ventilation systems, commercial appliances, solar lighting, cars and other remote applications where transmission and distribution is done. This project also used for variable voltage applications also.


Proposed System

          The luo converter has one inductor, one power switch and two diodes. And also has filter for reduce the harmonics of the output voltage. When power switch is turned on inductor get energised and the voltage is goes to output capacitor through diodes. The capacitor is is discharge the voltage across the load. The output voltage is feedback to the PIC controller. And the PIC has set voltage and actual voltage. The set voltage is fixed means the output voltage also equal to set voltage. The voltage value set by using key function.

Block Diagram



 Block Diagram  Explanation

  • Pulse generator: – Here we have used PIC microcontroller (PIC 16F877A) to generate PWM signal.
  • Driver circuit: It is used to amplify the pulses and provided isolations using opto coupler. It has two functions,
    • Amplification
    • Isolation
  • Bridge Rectifier: It converts AC supply to DC Supply.
  • LUO converter: It converts low voltage DC to high voltage DC supply.


Driver Board


Pic Controller Board




          The PIC controller is used to generate the PWM pulses for converter circuit. The PIC controller pulses are given to the driver circuit as input. Driver board is mainly used to isolate and amplify the input signals from the controller. The amplified driver output is connected to the main power circuit devices. The ac supply is converted into dc by using bridge rectifier. And the dc voltage is boosted by using LUO converter. The boosted dc output voltage is control by using PIC controller and key control. The output waveform of luo converter is shown in below.

Circuit Diagram for Luo Converter




  • High efficiency
  • Easy to control the speed
  • Switching losses are reduced


  • Industrial applications
  • Pumping system
  • Variable voltage drives



          The LUO converter is mainly used to convert the low voltage sources to useful voltage source. The solar voltage produced is low voltage and the LUO converter is used to boost the low voltage. So that output voltage of luo converter is used to control by PIC controller.


Output Waveform for Luo Converter


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