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List of Sample Projects based on EEG – NeuroGaming Hackathon

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Optimizing studying habits with BCI. An EEG based software, which learns the user’s learning behavior. After a few learning sessions, the software will be able to: 1. Tell the user at what times she is at her peak performance, for better learning session planning, and 2. Tell the user at real time when she should stop learning and rest for a few minutes, to work better afterwards.

BCI operated wheel-chair

Help disabled people who have no control of their hands to use their brainwaves to drive their wheelchair

Mind your poem

The syntax of the mind – what does it look like? “Mind Your Poem” aims to create computer generated poems, based on a person’s state of mind. The user is provided with brain sensor headsets, and the interactive poems are formed instantly to reflect their brain activity. The project mimics the creative process of a poet by mining the brain to illustrate emotional content. It manifests how technology can provide insight into our inner-selves, “the last human frontier”.

Emotional DJ

An automatic DJ that plays songs based on your emotional state. It plays music and judges your emotional response – and then adapts the music to fit how you feel (or how you want to feel).

A team

Never lose in a “red hands” game!  Use the power of your brainwaves to pre-detect your foe’s hand slap!

Neuro-feedback based video games for cognitive training

We would like to create a natural-interaction video game for neurocognitive training which is dynamically adjusted to player’s needs based on real-time EEG information. The game will be created based on the Intendu neurocognitive training Engine which enables creation of neurocognitive games that are operated by body gestures.


Controlling a stick animation software using the brain.


Instagram for Brain Art


Emotional Analytics

Measuring people’s reaction to sites or app pages, using their brainwaves. Is the page funny? Does it make the user feel ok? Feel the urge to buy products? etc.


Capture exciting moments in the user’s day (detected through EEG patterns from visual stimuli) using wearable glasses.


 Detection and protection from accidents caused by fatigue while driving.

 EEG Rubik’s Cube

We will build a device that will manipulate a Rubik cube using EEG input. Depending on our helmet’s capabilities, the control of the device will be more interesting. The basic scenario: The Rubik Cube will be solved only when you are really concentrating at something.

 Harmonic Brain

Analysing the brain’s response to different types of music: map your brain response to different kinds of music and learn which music is the most soothing and which is the most invigorating.


 Physiological scoring system of Youtube videos.


 We would like to use BCI to rate interest in presented visual content (can be either photos, advertisements, web-sites and so on).

Brain Feedback

 Audio-visual generated by brain frequencies.

Smartphone amp-less EEG acquisition

 Attempt at sampling EEG without the hardware, which will open the door to a flood of ideas and applications. The project will explore ways to implement EEG signals acquisition via the microphone input, with just a minimal, or totally without a hardware amplifier. Theoretically this can be done using sophisticated signal processing, and smart algorithms to extract EEG features from noise.


Use Google Hangout SDK to create some kind of basic collaboration based on EEG calls. e.g. move a ball together with mind of thought the harder we think the further the ball move.

Dog Talk

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Dog Talk lets your dog “push” thoughts to you – via SMS,  mobile app, or  facebook/twitter; based humorous and entertaining pre-programmed thoughts. Let’s make this somewhat accurate and extremely funny.


using BCI to “connect” people’s minds

Emotion detection

 mapping EEG response to Ekman’s micro-expressions

BCI Search Engine

Are you disturbed? overflowing with Adrenaline? Dopamine? Acetylcholine? Is your system in stress? are you in the mood for love? should you take a break? do you need professional help? BCI search will give you the information you need and not the information you think you need, adapted for your state of mind , neuro-needs and physical needs.