IoT Trainer Kit Using Cortex M4

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This Iot Trainer kit uses cortex M4 as an Core Processor.

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Specifications of IoT Trainer kit using Cortex M4 

  • Processor : LPC4088
  • 8 Nos. Point LEDs (Logic Output)
  • 8 Nos. Digital Input(SLIDE Switch)
  • 2 Nos. Analog Input (Potentiometer)
  • 2×16 Char LCD Interface (Optional)
  • Temperature Sensor(LM35)
  • Internal RTC with Battery-Backup
  • 1 No. UART(RS232)
  • 1 No. USB UART USB 2.0 device (Virtual Port)
  • Digital / Analog Output Interrupts Study,
  • Reset Button
  • 4×4 Matrix Keyboard
  • 40-Pin Expansion Connector JTAG (Program/Debug)
  • ISP Programming
  • 2 Nos. 20pin- I/O Expansion Connector
  • PWM Terminations
  • Stepper Interface Optiona
  • Onboard Zigbee Interface
  • Onboard Square wave Generator
  • SPI/I2C Expansion Connector
  • MicroSD card Interface


  •  Humidity
  •  Temperature
  •  Gas
  •  RFID
  •  Soil Mositure

Supporting Cloud

  •  Thingspeak
  •  Caynne
  •  Amazon

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