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 BONUS #2 – 10+ Projects – From Scratch (value ₹25,000)

 BONUS #3 – 15+ Source Code DOWNLOADS (value ₹5,000)

 BONUS #420+ Downloadable Technical Materials (PPT ) (value ₹3,000)

 BONUS #5 – Task, Assignment & Mindset Lectures (value ₹3,000)

 BONUS #6 – Forum Telegram discussion & Support (value ₹2,000)

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Modules Covered in this Course


1.Introduction to Orcad

2.PCB Terminologies

3.Orcad Capture CIS

4.PAD Stack Editor

5.Creating PCB Footprints

6.8051 Schematic design

7.8051 Library creation

8.Footprint linking

9.Component Placement

10.PCB Routing

11.Gerber Creation

12.Best Practices

What Will you Learn & Practice?

IoT Introduction and Architectures

✔ DAY–1 Introduction to IoT
✔ DAY–2 IoT Communication Protocols
✔ DAY–3 Introduction to ESP32 and NodeMCU
✔ DAY–4 Iot Clouds,Analytics & Datascience
✔ DAY–5 Sensors for IoT

IoT using Thingspeak

✔ DAY – 6 Sending Data to Thingspeak -Arduino+Humidity+Air quality(Weather monitoring system)
✔ DAY – 7 How to Analyze IoT Data in ThingSpeak
✔ DAY – 8 Deploying a Machine learning Model on the Cloud
✔ DAY – 9 Thingspeak for IoT in agriculture
✔ DAY – 10 Smart Humidity Sensor – ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and IFTTT

IoT with Microsoft Azure

✔ DAY– 11 Introduction to IoT with Microsoft Azure
✔ DAY– 12 Implementing IoT with Azure
✔ DAY– 13 Edge Computing and Analytics
✔DAY– 14 Coginitive services,Computer vision API
✔ DAY– 15 Weather monitoring station using Microsoft Azure and Arduino

Iot Projects and Case Study

✔ Day-16 Home automation using Google Assistant
✔ Day-17 Industrial Iot using Zigbee and WIFI(Windmill case study)
✔ Day-18 Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino and sending alerts
✔ Day-19 Real time Video surveillance esp32cam and Blynk App
✔ Day-20 Predictive Maintenance of a Duct Fan Using Nodemcu, ThingSpeak and MATLAB

IoT with AWS IoT

✔ Day 21 Introduction to AWS IoT,Setting up Free tier AWS, AWS CLI, Policys, Security Credentials, and Testing
✔ Day 22 Raspberry PI3 with AWS IOT SDK
✔ Day 23 SNS Push Notifications,AWS IoT Analytics
✔ Day 24 AWS Lambda Functions for IoT
✔ Day 25 HTTPs Arduino sketch to AWS IoT Core for the ESP8266 and ESP32
✔ Day 26 Using Mongoose OS on embedded devices for AWS IoT
✔ Day 27 Storing data into the Dynamo Database from the AWS IoT control panel
✔ Day 28 AWS Quicksight for data analytics and visulizations
✔ Day 29 AWS Device Shadows and multiple Pub/Sub’s
✔ Day 30 Weather monitoring station using AWS IOT

NOTE: Enroll before 20th MAR to get this Discount Course Offer with all the Bonus Features.

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Meet the Course Designer

M K Jeeva Rajan


Microcontroller Architecture: 8051,PIC,AVR,ARM,MSP430,PSOC3
DSP Architecture: Blackfin,C2000,C6000,21065L Sharc
FPGA: Spartan,Virtex,Cyclone
Image Processing Algorithms: Image/Scene Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Object Classification, Image Retrieval, Image enhancement, and denoising.
Neural Networks : SVM,RBF,BPN
Cryptography :RSA,DES,3DES,Ellipti curve,Blowfish,DiffIe Hellman
Compilers: Keil,Visual DSP++,CCS, Xilinx Platform studio,ISE, Matlab, Open CV
Digital Marketing Skills:
Specialized in Analytics, CRO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, landing page optimization, mobile optimization, persona marketing, customer experience, Ecommerce optimization, emotional conversion optimization, growth, branding, user acquisition, marketing strategies

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