IoT based Weather station using Ndoe MCU

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In this IoT Project weather station was implemented using Node MCU

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        Building a IoT based monitoring system involves periodically update the data in the cloud and avoids the data losses due to improper monitoring of sensors. By using IoT based weather station , we can monitor and get the data values at anywhere and anytime. For this we are using NodeMcu ESP8266 module. By using ESP8266 , we can upload the data’s to the Thingspeak cloud.  We can get the temperature and humidity levels of the atmosphere by using LM35 , and DHT11 sensor . We can read the data from these sensor and analyze it graphically from anywhere in the world.

Existing system

     The existing weather monitoring system generally use weather stations , which uses multiple instruments such as barometers, thermometers, rain gauge etc. These devices are using analog technology which is later physically recorded and stored in a database . After, this information will sent to the radio and news reporting stations.

Proposed system

       In this project ,we have developed IoT based weather monitoring system which involves monitoring the temperature , humidity in the environment. For this we are using NodeMcu ESP8266 as the main controller. To monitor the temperature and humidity,we are using LM35 and dht11. We can get these sensor values continuously and  upload the data’s to the Thingspeak cloud. We can access these data values at anywhere in the world using network connection.

Block diagram description

ü In this block diagram, Nodemcu ESP8266 used as the main controller.

ü LM35 and dht11 sensors connected as input to the controller.

ü  The sensor values from the controller will updated in the Thinspeak cloud periodically.

Hardware Used

  • NodeMcu Esp8266
  • LM35
  • DHT11

Software Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C


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