IoT based smart street light

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IoT based smart street light

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IoT based smart street light


           Now a days we are using street lights which can detects day and night and automatically  turn ON and OFF the lights. Now evenmore we can automate the street light by using LDR, InfraRed sensors(IR), which means if the IR sensor detects the person it will turn ON the lights otherwise the light will OFF. This will reduce the power consumption and efficiently use the power of the street lights. This LDR and IR sensor values will automatically uploaded to the Thingspeak cloud. We can access these data’s whenever we want .

Existing system

  • Manual switching
  • Street lights which can glow only in night time.

Proposed system

        In this proposed system, we are using NodeMcu ESP8266 as a main controller. Light Dependant Resistor(LDR) is used to detect day or night. InfraRed(IR) sensor is used to detect the presence of a person. If a person is detected the the light will automatically ON otherwise the light will OFF. Light is connected with relay circuit for switching purpose.The sensor values will updated in the Thingspeak cloud periodically. We can access these data’s wherever from the world.

Hardware Used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • LDR
  • IR sensor
  • Bulb with bulb holder
  • Relay circuit

Software Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Additional information

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