IoT based LPG leakage detecting system using NodeMCU

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In this IoT Project LPG leakage detecting system using NodeMCU is done.

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      There are many incidents like explosions and fire accidents due to LPG gas leakage . Such incidents can cause dangerous effects and also affect the human lives. An IoT based LPG leakage monitoring system will alert the people in the house if a gas leakage will detected by the sensor, also it will send the data value to the Thingspeak cloud. So the user can get these data’s at any time. In this project , we are using NodeMCU ESP8266 as a controller. LPG gas sensor is connected with a microcontroller, if a sensor detects the gas it will turn ON the buzzer and alert message will displayed in the LCD display. Gas sensor value periodically updated in the cloud.

Proposed system

          In this project, we are using NodeMCU ESP8266as a controller. MQ6 gas sensor is used to detect the LPG gas.If the sensor detects the gas, it will turn on the buzzer and displays the message in LCD. The sensor value will continuously uploaded to the Thingspeak cloud.

Block diagram

Block diagram description       

  • In this block diagram, NodeMcu ESP8266 is used as the main controller.
  • Strain gauge is connected to input of the NodeMcu.
  • Buzzer and LED is connected at the output to alert the people.
  • We can get the data’s in Thingspeak IoT cloud.

 Hardware Used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • Strain gauge
  • Buzzer
  • LED

  Software Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C


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