IOT based Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using Arduino

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Uses the WSN technology more greenhouse monitoring parameters. An application created for irrigation.

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In the gift state of affairs, there’s no mechanism to seek out wherever irrigation is required. In this project, we have a tendency to created Zigbee wireless detector network for watching the humidness level by Deploying wet sensors within the land to observe the places wherever the water content is low and a few a lot of environmental watching parameters. From the higher than methodology, we will conserve water and minimize the matter of water work within the land. we have a tendency to used humidness Sensors to sense the weather. By this, farmers will get inspiration regarding the climate. If there’s any likelihood of rainfall; the farmer needn’t irrigate the crop field. because of this, we will Conserve water and additionally power since we have a tendency to didn’t activate motors. today within the crops, the plant food level is increasing, that affects folks. By victimization pH scale sensors we have a tendency to get the knowledge regarding the soil and analyze the acid level of the soil. By that we will apply plant food To the place wherever it wants, additionally, we will avoid over-fertilization of the crops. The temperature could be an at random varied amount within the setting of the field. Temperature reading offers data to the farmer. By victimization temperature sensors we will observe the temperature, and irrigate the water to the crop.

This project reports the style associated development of a wise wireless detector network (WSN) for an agricultural setting. Observation agricultural environments for varied factors such as temperature and humidness on with alternative factors are often of significance. the power to document and detail changes in parameters of interest has become more and more valuable. Investigations were performed for an overseas observation system mistreatment Zigbee. These nodes send information wirelessly to a central server, that collects the information, stores it and permits it to be analyzed and displayed pro re natal.


As it is accepted, a greenhouse may be a building wherever plants area unit grownup. Greenhouses area unit usually used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and tobacco plants. Basic factors moving plant growth area unit daylight, the water content within the soil, temperature, carbonic acid gas concentration, etc. These physical factors area unit arduous to regulate manually within a greenhouse and there’s a requirement for machine-driven style to arises. Greenhouses area unit terribly helpful for following reason they supply the best temperature around plants, defend them from weather extremes, extends the season, permitting you to sow plants earlier and harvest plants later and permits economic crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and aborigines to crop a lot of with success

Existing System

  • Mobile communication was used
  • The only humidity level was determined

Proposed System

  • Uses the WSN technology
  • More greenhouse monitoring parameters.
  • An application created for irrigation.

Block Diagram

Greenhouse section

block diagram of IOT based Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using Arduino

Hardware Tools

  • Arduino Uno
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Control unit
  • Humidity and Temperature sensors
  • PH sensor

Software Tools

  • Arduino  IDE
  • Orcad
  • Embedded c


  •  Agricultural applications
  •  Industrial Applications

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